Ferrari supercar prototype covered in black camouflage spied on track

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Ferrari hybrid prototype

It is not a hidden fact and we already knew that Ferrari is working on mid-engine layout supercar. This brand new supercar will be positioned above 488 GTB. We got hold of few spy shots of the rumored supercar from the website This is not the first time spy shots are spotted and earlier popped up on Instagram. In the spy photos, the supercar prototype as seen running test at Fiorano track. It was heavily covered in black clothing. At first it was speculated that the prototype was replacement for the 488.

Ferrari hybrid prototypeFerrari hybrid prototypeFerrari hybrid prototype

This rumor was squashed by insider from Ferrari on Ferrarichat post. Insider also confirmed that the prototype is a new mid-engine model. Last September, Maranello based luxury sports car maker revealed their future lineup. In that report, it was disclosed that lineup would include a two-tier mid-engine product range. Thus, we could be looking at first a brand new hybrid Ferrari model. This test mule was first spotted on 18th October and insider informed that underneath the sheet, it wears finished production bodywork. Report suggests that work on the interior is also complete and hence, revelation could be coming in few months.

Ferrari hybrid prototypeFerrari hybrid prototypeFerrari hybrid prototype

At this point, no concrete information is present regarding the powertrain. Some speculate that it will be use a hybrid twin-turbo V8 that seems plausible. Since, 488 replacement is also using the hybrid V6. Ferrari is indeed working of V6 engine family along with “Turbo Hybrid” powertrains. It will offer upwards of 394hp per liter and zero turbo lag. Next-gen Ferrari will have overhauled interior. It will comprise of innovative instrument cluster, new steering wheel, a head-up display and radical infotainment system.

Ferrari hybrid prototypeFerrari hybrid prototypeFerrari hybrid prototype

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