Ferrari seriously considering four-seat “utility vehicle” to boost profit

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Ferrari GTC4Lusso

Ferrari is considering making space for a four-seat “utility vehicle”. The speculated model will have much more space than GTC4Lusso. This expansion is its bid to push from its supercar niche and move towards doubling its profit by year 2022. The news was disclosed by Bloomberg sourcing people closely related to it. Sergio Marchionne who is the CEO will retire in the year 2021 and under his final five-year plan will increase the deliveries beyond 10,000 cars. The limit is self-imposed and allows them to work under less stringent fuel economy rules.

Ferrari GTC4LussoFerrari GTC4Lusso

The official revelation of the new plan will be revealed in the year 2018 by Ferrari. The new rule will comprise of Italian car manufacturing jumping onto hybrid cars to improve fuel efficiency. Increase fuel volume will force them to follow the stringent environment regulations. Their spokesperson refused to comment on this news which will add fuel to speculation. Since becoming the CEO of Ferrari, Sergio Marchionne has been trying to push the car volume sales which earlier stood at 7,000 vehicles. What is interesting is that Marchionne has reservations about SUV and now everything has changed. The new four-seat vehicle is dubbed as Ferrari “Utility Vehicle”.

Ferrari GTC4LussoFerrari GTC4Lusso

Maranello based company will try to market is as new segment and not as high-end SUV like other does. The report suggests that designers are already working on to make it look like a stylish Ferrari. On the other hand, Ferrari GTC4 Lusso T is meant to target affluent Asian market particularly the Chinese market. It could mean that they would have to produce additional 20,000 vehicles. The car would hit the market in early 2021 if it is given green light for production.

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