Ferrari might expand it GT range, but won’t run after sales volume

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Ferrari SF90 Stradale

Ferrari’s head, John Elkann said that company will be expanding its lineup for grand touring models. However, he added that Italian automaker won’t be chasing its rival in term of sales volume. At the annual Concours d’Elegance he hinted that they will unveil a new GT car this November as reported by Autonews. Ferrari have previously gone on record to said that by 2020, around 40 percent of their sales will come from GT models as opposed to current 32 percent. By 2022, Ferrari is also planning to expand revenue to 5 billion euros.

Ferrari SF90 Stradale

One of the most ambitious and anticipated models is the Purosangue SUV. It will directly compete against the highly successful Lamborghini Urus and to some extent Porsche Cayenne Coupe. By going this path, it will definitely boost sales figure considerably, but John Elkann stated that Ferrari isn’t looking for high volume like Porsche. As a Ferrari boss, he repeated that FCA is open to opportunities to collaborate with other carmakers, but is positioned to remain independent.

Ferrari SF90 Stradale

Earlier this year, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles proposed a merger with Renault that was expected to go through. Nonetheless, this deal failed to take off after the French government intervened (they are Renault’s biggest shareholder). It forced Elkann to withdraw the offer. Despite whatever happens with FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles), we expect Ferrari to hit their sales expansion target easily. We are judging by the onset of Purosangue SUV or a new GT model which will bring forth new customers.

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