Ferrari LaFerrari wrapped in camouflage is a true beauty

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Ferrari LaFerrari

Nowadays, it is not uncommon to see beautiful looking supercars being wrapped in camouflage to make it more enticing. However, there are times when it looks completely out of place and sometimes tantalizing. Here is one such owner who wrapped Ferrari LaFerrari and thankfully, it looks quite outstanding. It has been modified by MM Luxury Custom. The discussed Ferrari LaFerrari is registered in Switzerland and it was delivered to the customer in shade of blue which has been changed. The owner in his passion to create something that stands out among others opted for an unusual camouflage theme.

Ferrari LaFerrari

The theme consists of combining white, black and grey geometric shapes. Other tweaking made to the LaFerrari includes a yellow tint on headlight, and the circular taillights have been refinished with matte black. To complement all these changes, black wheels along with yellow calipers and Ferrari’s Cavallino badges on the door has been added. Ferrari LaFerrari continues to use the same powertrain and thus comes with 6.3 liter V12 engine with hybrid system. The combined output of hypercar is rated at 963 horsepower and with camouflage makes it more impressive.

Ferrari LaFerrari

One of the great things about wrapping a car is the fact that it is easily reversible. In no ways adversely affects the resale value of the vehicle that is also true in this case. Added advantage of wrapping the vehicle is that it protects the car’s original color. So when the times to resell it, the car will retain the original color just like when it first arrived. Purist won’t appreciate this wrapping, but it is up to the customer whether they would opt for expensive wrap.

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