Ferrari GTC4Lusso owned by celebrity Jay Kay gets a unique color

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Many of you must be familiar with Jamiroquai’s lead singer Jay Kay. He his passionate about music and also cars. Over the years, he is proud owner of several rare and expensive vehicles. Few of his possession have been customized like the Ferrari LaFerrari. However, Jay is always finding ways to make his high-end ride more interesting. In this post, we will find out what he did with his grey Ferrari GTC4Lusso. As we mentioned in the title, it has unique color scheme applied to it which is purple.

Ferrari GTC4Lusso Jay Kay

To perform this task, several vinyl wraps are applied on the car, buy Jay Kay opted for something different. He opted for full respray and gave this difficult job to London based Topaz. Thus, Topaz dissemble the exterior and interior trim before color changing process began. The chosen shade for Ferrari GTC4Lusso is Rolls-Royce Purple Silk. Had the same task was performed by Ferrari for Jay kay, it would have cost him thousands of dollars. We have attached image of the stock version and video of the converted look of GTC4Lusso.

Ferrari GTC4Lusso Jay Kay

Finished work of Topaz is stunning to say the least and it has been enhanced by golden wheels. One look at the GTC4Lusso, and it would be difficult to move your eyes from it. People behind this project outdid themselves by turning this Ferrari GTC4Lusso into a magnificent beauty. For those who see the vehicle physically, it would be hard to tell them that it isn’t the original car.

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