Ferrari FXX K For sale in a Dubai Showroom

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Ferrari FXX K

Whenever we are talking about the company Ferrari, LaFerrari is the only thing that comes to our mind. It is indeed one of the greatest super car made. Straight from styling to performance, everything is great about LaFerrari. Though, there are other supercars in the market, but nothing better than LaFerrari for sure. But if you are too bored with LaFerrari, then Ferrari FXX K might get your attention a bit. Though, FXX is a very rare thing to find, a Showroom in Dubai claims to have two models for sale. Now this might be interesting knowing the fact that only 40 such models were produced.

Ferrari FXX K Ferrari FXX K

Ferrari FXX K was strictly for track use, and there is no such road legal option available for it. Hence, this makes it even more rare. Knight international claims that among the two Ferrari FXX K, one is driven only for 1.5 hours. The other model was not driven at all and it is brand new. Now coming to the price they are asking. Well, for the driven model they are asking for 4.2 million dollars, and the brand new one will be sold for 4.7 million dollars.

Ferrari FXX K Ferrari FXX K

If you are wondering about the real images of the models, then we must inform you that no images have been issued by the dealer. They have also not shared the VIN number, and they will share it after a pre-sale contract is signed. They have also stated that both the models are quite safe. Ferrari FXX K models are taken care by Ferrari engineers in Italy. The most interesting about them is the fact the dealer has said that they have a kit to make these models into a street legal one.

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