Ferrari FXX K is under consideration for a hotter version

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Ferrari FXX K

The Top Gear magazine guys had a chat with Enrico Galliera (Ferrari’s commercial director). Enrico Galliera is the man who is responsible for the ultra amazing Ferrari XX series. During the interview Enrico Galliera was asked whether the Ferrari FXX K will come up with a version that would be more hardcore. To answer this question Enrico Galliera admitted that the prospect of an even more hardcore version of the FXX K is being analyzed. But the model will not be launched before they come up with a significant revision over the regular Ferrari FXX K model.

Ferrari FXX K Ferrari FXX K Ferrari FXX K Ferrari FXX K

During the interview, Enrico Galliera specified that the final deliveries of the regular Ferrari FXX K are being made. After it gets completed the team in charge of this model will start working on its improvement. The commercial director of Ferrari was also asked about the car’s bits that are stopping the machine from getting approval for the roads. He answered the question by saying that the aerodynamic tweaks are the reasons why the owners of Ferrari FXX K are not able to drive the car legally outside the circuit.

Ferrari FXX K Ferrari FXX K Ferrari FXX K Ferrari FXX K

Enrico Galliera even pointed out the rear wing and the front splitter which can be considered as something very dangerous to be fitted with a regular car. Do not expect the on road Ferrari FXX K model similar to that of the Lanzante’s McLaren P1 GTR and the upcoming AM Vulcan conversation kit. This is simply not going to happen. Enrico Galliera mentioned that he is not really fond of this idea. This is because it would mean that the car will be adapting something for which it was never designed.

Ferrari FXX K Ferrari FXX K Ferrari FXX K Ferrari FXX K

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