Ferrari FXX K Evoluzione, the new member of the Ferrari family, price exceeding from $3 million

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Ferrari FXX K Evoluzione is going to be the fourth Evoluzione vehicle by Ferrari with the Prancing Horse badge. Ferrari is making all its arrangements in welcoming the new member to the family. The car is said to debut in Italy by this weekend. The inauguration program is going to take place in the Mugello track when the Finali of Mondiali, 2017 will be going on.Ferrari FXX K Evoluzione

As per word from the automaker, they see the Mugello event to be the right place to surface up with their new Ferrari FXX K Evoluzione. They consider the design to be the developed version of the hybrid vehicle with 1050-plus hp. The vehicle was revealed at the Abu Dhabi’s held in 2014. Apart from this, the automakers have not come up with any further details, so we have to satisfy with the details we have gathered so far. Scanning the other models of the FXX K family and scooped prototypes, we can expect that their will be something new in this series car too.Ferrari FXX K Evoluzione Ferrari FXX K Evoluzione


The Ferrari FXX K Evoluzione is expected to come up with added aerodynamics features. Though some expect that power boost will be a part of the Ferrari FXX K Evoluzione but we don’t hold any confirmation from the Ferrari family yet. The power boost, if attached in the Ferrari FXX K Evoluzione, is expected to give an output of 1200bhp. This is going to a limited edition model. So, people who want it parked in your garage better buckle up your shoelaces. The pricing of the car is expected to be $3 million or more.Ferrari FXX K Evoluzione Ferrari FXX K Evoluzione

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