Ferrari FXX K Evo Track-focused car sounds menacing at Fiorano

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Anyone who has deep pocket and wants to own one of the Ferraris, the first name they should always consider is FXX K Evo. There is no denying that LaFerrari based supercar is track-focused vehicle, but still is one of the most enticing models from the long history of Italian automaker. There aren’t many people who can claim that they own Ferrari FXX K Evo, but Tempesta Racing team driver took delivery of one of them. Tempesta Racing team won’t last year’s Ferrari Challenge Championship and gave order to bespoke Ferrari FXX K Evo.

It wears dark shade of red and like any other FXX K Evo models, it is equipped with advanced powertrain technologies and includes many aero parts. Power in Ferrari FXX K Evo comes from naturally aspirated V12 engine. This engine delivers an output of 848 horsepower and 750 Nm of torque from 6,500 rpm. This highly powerful internal combustion engine is mated with electric motor that offers 187 horsepower. Thus, combined output of the Ferrari FXX K Evo is 1,036 horsepower and excess of 900 Nm of torque.

Even though the powertrain of the Ferrari FXX K Evo is seriously impressive, but the first thing that catches our eye is the exterior. Now, if we compare Ferrari FXX K Evo with stock FXX K, it offers enlarged rear wing, along with complete pack of aggressive front fascia and indescribable rear diffuser. We have talked a lot about the hypercar, now it’s time to see it in flesh on circuit and listen how it sounds.

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