Ferrari FXX K Evo hits track for the first time in Austin

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We all enthralled our eyes with the new Ferrari FXX K Evo which was showcased four months back. However, this super machine hadn’t hit the track until now. Thankfully, Ferrari FXX K Evo now has made its race track debut at the Austin track. Its partner in crime were other FXX K’s along with 599 XX’s and pair of original Enzo based FXX. All of them are part of XX Development program. Ferrari FXX K Evo is based on LaFerrari hypercar. It means that it is powered with 6.3 liter V12 engine. Nonetheless, the output is around 1,000 horsepower instead of 950.

Ferrari FXX K EvoFerrari FXX K Evo

There are some track specific upgrades in Ferrari FXX K Evo such as race-ready suspension and rolling stock. The weight has been decreased to 1,165 kg and the downforce has been increase subsequently. Aero packages installed in FXX K produce 540kg of downforce at 124mph. FXX K Evo generates 23 per cent more downforce than the standard version and 75 per cent more than LaFerrari. There are some other interesting features in the Ferrari FXX K Evo such as new steering wheel and electronics. It was also applied on three existing FXX K’s.

Ferrari FXX K EvoFerrari FXX K Evo

All these cars including the Ferrari FXX K Evo took part in the Ferrari Racing Days which was held at Austin Circuit. Apart from Prancing Horse cars which were present, there were 458 and 488 Challenge racers as well as some retired F1 cars. Models such as two 412 T2s, F2000, F2003 GA, and F2004 which won at the US Grand Prix can also be seen at this event. Ferrari F138 that was driven by Fernando Alonso in 2013 can also be seen.

Ferrari FXX K EvoFerrari FXX K Evo

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