Ferrari F12tdf spotted in Monaco

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Ferrari F12tdf

Ferrari revealed F12 tdf that pays homage to the Tour de France the legendary road race, which Ferrari has dominated in the year 1950 and 60s and particularly with 1956 250 GT Berlinetta that have won 4 consecutive editions. The Ferrari F12tdf is the ultimate expression of its concept of extreme road car which is at home on the track and 799 will be built. Some people are saying that it looks like the Chevy Corvette Z06. This Tour de France version of Ferrari F12tdf has planned for 799 units of production and as you all know that it is already sold out. It was available for a limited time; the prancing horse had a pre- tax price of almost $337,000

Ferrari F12tdf has V12 engine with 6.3 litres which pushes 512 lb feet and 770 HP of torque. It gives 769 bhp at 8500 rpm and 520 lb feet at 6750 rpm. This model is not only a hardcore model, it is also more powerful than F12 Berlinetta and it is also 242 lbs lighter. So with these 2 improvements Ferrari F12tdf sprints in 2.9 seconds, and can reach 0-62 mph and in 7.1 seconds. It can reach 124 mph tops out more than 211 mph. The seven dual clutch transmission cuts shift time by 30% on up shifts and 40% on downshifts. The gear ratios are shorter by 6%.

Ferrari said that it has exercised about 250 pounds from the car. The Ferrari F12tdf boasts wider rear and front track and wider front tires. Rear wheel steering, quicker F1 DCT gearbox and 100% more aerodynamic body all these make Ferrari F12tdf the most appealing modern Ferraris.

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