Ferrari F12berlinetta gets a “Wild” body kit from Duke Dynamics

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Ferrari F12berlinetta by Duke Dynamics 1

The title of world’s fastest Ferrari is held by 812 Superfast. It was revealed last year after production end of the successful Ferrari F12berlinetta. Nonetheless this doesn’t make Ferrari F12berlinetta obsolete in any manner and still possess power that is unmatched by many. Power in Ferrari F12berlinetta comes from naturally aspirated 6.3 liter V12 engine that offers 730hp and 688Nm of torque. It is able to sprint from 0-62mph in just 3.1 seconds and can reach a top speed of 211mph. Judging by these performance figures; it can compete against any current crop of supercars and doesn’t need any upgrades.

Ferrari F12berlinetta by Duke Dynamics

However, some owner might look for appearance upgrades on Ferrari F12berlinetta. There is one such tuner who is offering just that for F12berlinetta and goes by the name of Duke Dynamics and contribution of Marius Dumitrascu. This is not the first time they have come up with kit for F12berlinetta. Responsibility of widebody kit’s design fell on Marius Dumitrascu and Duke Design took care of the manufacturing. Duke Design built one of the first 15 units of the supercar and was shipped to the exotic country of Vietnam. It was in the same country, where these images were taken. As you would have guessed, width of body has been increased and adds 1.97inch to each front fender and 2.1 inch to each of rear fender. This tuning package for Ferrari F12berlinetta comprises of 21 pieces there are made from carbon fiber and CFRP.

Ferrari F12berlinetta by Duke Dynamics Ferrari F12berlinetta by Duke Dynamics Ferrari F12berlinetta by Duke Dynamics

The front of the Ferrari F12berlinetta features a huge splitter and broader bumper with vent on each side. A modified bonnet with three vents and subtle upgraded grille are few noticeable aspects available with the kit. Additionally, each front fender gains carbon fiber vents, along with big custom wheels, carbon fiber mirror caps, and side skirts. Broader rear fenders with three vents each can also be found. Rear of the F12berlinetta features huge spoiler, and bulky diffuser. The diffuser integrates bigger tailpipes and a sculpted bumper with vertical vents. Aftermarket parts are mounted top of existing points and original structures has not been changed.

Ferrari F12berlinetta by Duke Dynamics Ferrari F12berlinetta by Duke Dynamics Ferrari F12berlinetta by Duke Dynamics

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