Ferrari 488 Speciale will not Shock Spectators like Misha Design’s Bodykit

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Ferrari 488 Speciale

Ferrari 488 Speciale is developed as hardcore 488 GTB. And it is something unavoidable. However, one doesn’t know yet about its look or what the name will be. There is even no news about its speed. However, it will not turn heads certainly. The car will not even shock spectators like Misha Design’s bodykit. Well, the company is well known to absurd and wild bodykits. Ferrari 488 Speciale’s current bodykit creation is nothing different. Well, many old designs of Misha have been ‘yuck’. However, the new bodykit actually will seem quite awesome.

Ferrari 488 Speciale Ferrari 488 Speciale

And it will seem such, only if Ferrari is not modified. Well, Ferrari 488 Speciale has undergone renovations. It begins from the front. Moreover, it includes a customizable bumper. It is then fitted to the carbon fiber front splitter. This carbon fiber splitter is impractical but much aggressive. However, the front end even consists of an interesting element. It includes a bulging-design substance on the hood. 

Ferrari 488 Speciale Ferrari 488 Speciale

Ferrari 488 Speciale has a set of customizable side skirts. However, it got the inspiration from Ferrari 458 Speciale. It even consists of small aerodynamic flics on both sides. Moreover, the rear side takes everything to a different level. Well, the body kit consists of entirely new grilles, and split ducktail spoiler. It even includes two exhaust pipes and body colored substances. These elements run vertically till the bottom of the rear. Moreover, the car will feature black wheels with matte grey finish. And this will give the craziest look to the car.

Ferrari 488 Speciale Ferrari 488 Speciale

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