Elibriea concept from GM makes its debut at Qatar Motor Show

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The Elibriea was revealed at the Qatar Motor Show 2016. Abdul Wahab Ziaullah a 27 year old boy designed this two seater coupe concept. He was a former engineering student at Texas A&M at Qatar. Ziaullah said that when they were taking it out for testing there would be many people desperate to take a closer look. The Qatari Batmobile is what they called it and is quite unique. The body of Elibriea concept is made of carbon fiber and under it is Lamborghini inspired skin is a carbon fiber monocoque. It should be very light.

Just like the name this car itself has different sets of parts put together. Ziaullah explains that how he came up with the name Elibriea. While he was combining words like luxury, elegance and others a lot of permutations came into his mind with these words and then he finally came up with Elibriea. This sounds luxurious and more important it is simple. It has naturally aspirated unit that is sourced from GM. It will produce 800 HP channeled to the road through a 6 speed sequential gearbox. The details about performance of Elibriea are not yet revealed. However, it can be expected that it will be proper fast given high power combo, low weight.

Elibriea automotive will start to take pre orders from March. It will begin its deliveries in December. The customers have to wait till then as nothing is mentioned. There is no mention of price, factory, full technical specs and other details that people expect from a production vehicle. If you see the history carefully, you will notice that many of these concepts have never made a transition from car shows to the assembly line. Fans would hope that the Elibriea concept could see it into production.

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    i like the look but what size is the engine?6 cylinder v8.it looks bad ass.

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    I had seen many people’s who design but not this kind of car in just his 26 age… Omg