All-electric EL1 Camaro all set to debut in 2019 Formula D

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At this year’s Formula D season, there is a surprise for us all. It is an inclusion of Napoleon Motorsports’ EL1 Camaro. What makes it so special is the fact that unlike other entrants in this drifting championship, EL1 Camaro is not powered with a brute internal combustion engine. It uses an all-electric powertrain and will be driven by professional drifter Travis Reeder. In Napoleon Motorsports tryst to create EL1 Camaro, they started out with standard Camaro. Then they headed for removal of combustion engine and transmission.

Napoleon Motorsports EL1 Camaro Napoleon Motorsports EL1 Camaro

The components were replaced with electric powertrain supported by a 38.4 kWh battery. The electric motor produces an output of 515 horsepower and 1,084 Nm of torque. Drift expert “Donut” claims that these figures are more than sufficient for spinning the rear wheels. Since, internal combustion engine is present, thus the vehicle doesn’t feature traditional manual gearbox. So, to get a fix for clutch fix which is one of the most important part of drifting, Napoleon Motorsports came up with a solution. Napoleon Motorsports disclosed that combining the handbrake with immense torque from the electric powertrain will get the car sliding without any problem.

Napoleon Motorsports EL1 Camaro Napoleon Motorsports EL1 Camaro

Majority of the drift cars has insane sound which is attributed to the powerful exhaust system and other modifications. In this regard, EL1 Camaro would be silent and the only noise it is gong to make is from the screeching tires. It also gives us a glimpse of what future of drift race would look like. It might reflect on motorsport in near future. Check out the attached video to know all about the all-electric EL1 Camaro.

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