DS X E-Tense Concept might come in 2035 with 1,360hp

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In coming years, we might see a vehicle that will have full capability to drive itself without the help of any manpower. Automotive industry is working round the clock to achieve such feat. One of them is PSA Group owner DS Automobiles. The veil off the new DS X E-Tense Concept will be taken soon and their vision is in the year 2035. This new concept present the possibility of driving manually or driven itself. It splits the choice in the middle and we mean it literally. On one side, the cockpit is open that is similarly styles as open-cockpit racing speedsters.

On the other side of DS X E-Tense Concept, a two-seat space is given. However, in this the driver becomes the passenger and the autonomous technology takes over the vehicle. On paper, DS X E-Tense Concept is powered with a pair of electric motors. The engine is present on the front wheels and the combined output stands at 540 horsepower for road version. When it is taken on track, it unleashes an output of 1,360 horsepower. DS X E-Tense Concept is light thanks to the usage of carbon-fiber chassis. For better handling, the suspension has been developed with the help of company’s Formula E racing team.

DS X E-Tense Concept is definitely shocking, but its feasibility remains an unanswered question. For instance, the visibility of driver with open-cockpit as the entire right side is engulfed with enclosed cabin. It may be made from glass, but it won’t be easy to drive around with it. The chances of seeing DS X E-Tense Concept is production ready version remain uncertain at this point of time. Till now, PSA Group has just released a single image of this concept along with a video. Stay hooked to our website for more information in coming days.

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