Dendrobium D-1 is an 1800hp EV to be built in UK

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Dendrobium D-1

Last time we heard about Dendrobium D-1 was from last year’s Geneva Motor Show. But now we can confirm that it is closer to production. This electric vehicle is made by Dendrobium Automotive that is based and established in UK. Company’s CEO Nigel Gordon-Stewart claimed that Dendrobium D-1 is into next phase of production. The power in this electric vehicle will come from all-electric powertrain that is developed in-house. They are also planning to use their own power storage cells before going into solid state. However, it will be done when the technology is reliable and financially viable.

Dendrobium D-1Dendrobium D-1

Lot of work needs to be done to attain the goal, but they have laid out an ambitious target. The company claims that Dendrobium D-1 will have an output of 1,800 horsepower and 2,000Nm of torque. Electric vehicles tend to be on the heavier side, but Dendrobium is trying to ensure that D-1 is lightweight. They are targeting to reach the weight of 1,750kg and for that they are using unique “Protocell” carbon fiber tub. The company didn’t disclose every fact, but board member Jens Sverdrup revealed that it will made from all carbon fiber, advanced composites and alloys that is superlight and super strong.

Dendrobium D-1Dendrobium D-1

Range and charging time details will be revealed in coming months. Nonetheless, Dendrobium D-1 is coming with unique “bio-aerial locomotion door and roof opening system.” Dendrobium D-1 will make its public debut in UK on 30th August at Salon Privé. Till now, no confirmation has been when it will hit production but it will be made in UK and sold all around the globe. We need to see how the plan eventually works out.

Dendrobium D-1Dendrobium D-1

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