De Tomaso P72 marks an impressive comeback of De Tomaso

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For all car fanatics, De Tomaso is officially just in time to celebrates its 60th anniversary. Now, the car that gives us a new life direction is De Tomaso P72. It was revealed at the 2019 Goodwood Festival of Speed and looks like it is inspired by 1960s race car. De Tomaso stated that it was designed as a modern-day classic. General Manager of De Tomaso, Ryan Berris said that P72 will create a new benchmark on its own just like how Pantera created its own new category. He further added that they have created a modern-day time machine that pays homage to an integral part of history and a car with its own provenance.

De Tomaso P72De Tomaso P72De Tomaso P72De Tomaso P72

This iconic Italian brand was relaunched by the same people who are behind Apollo Automobili, the Ideal Team Ventures (ITV). They acquired the rights of De Tomaso in the year 2014. Official inspiration behind the De Tomaso P72 is the never-materialized P70 prototype racer. It was a collaboration project between Alejandro de Tomaso and Carroll Shelby that goes way back in the year 1964. Judging by the first look at the De Tomaso P72, its beautiful curves on the body and teardrop glasshouse will mesmerize you. However, cabin of P72 will take your breath away as it looks like it’s been made from jewels. It consists of shiny polished copper and diamond pattern detailing found on everything from the round analogue gauges, to the center of the steering wheel and the gear lever for the manual transmission with the exposed linkage.

De Tomaso P72De Tomaso P72De Tomaso P72De Tomaso P72De Tomaso P72De Tomaso P72

P72 is based on same carbon monocoque chassis used in Apollo IE. Since, Apollo IE is using Ferrari-sourced naturally aspirated V12 engine, we expect the same for P72. However, V8 has a strong as Italian company made its name by using eight-cylinder powertrains for their designed cars. Only 72 units De Tomaso P72 will be made and starting price is €750,000. De Tomaso is already accepting “registration of interest” from around the globe. It means it will eventually reach to markets such as Asia, Middle East, Europe and North America.

De Tomaso P72De Tomaso P72De Tomaso P72De Tomaso P72De Tomaso P72De Tomaso P72

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