Citroen to introduce large saloon by 2020 to replace C5 and C6

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2016 Citroen CXperience Concept 1

Citroen seems to found a new way to be more successful and it is by covering mainstream vehicles. Hence, now the company is planning to introduce saloon. According to Autocar, the large saloon will act as a replacement for the discontinued C5 and C6. C5 have already been discontinued in Europe and C6 in China. The new car will arrive somewhere in 2019 and 2020. Linda Jackson who is Citroen CEO said that to be categorized as a major manufacturer, one needs to offer small, medium and large vehicles that also includes SUV.

2016 Citroen CXperience Concept2016 Citroen CXperience Concept

The French car automaker CEO also revealed that the new large saloon’s design will be inspired from CXperience Concept which was revealed at the 2016 Paris Auto Show. Just like any other concept car, it was test to reaction of the crowd and from there it will evolve. However, the CEO did add that she is biased towards it. It will be viewed as luxury flagship sans traditional cues of chrome, leather or lacquered wood. It will have bit of avante garde that will be seen on it.

2016 Citroen CXperience Concept2016 Citroen CXperience Concept

It will also showcase their ideal of interior comfort along with along with ride and handling balance that will use their new Advanced Comfort suspension. With all these changes, Citroen hopes to improve their sales figure particularly in Chinese market. China is the second biggest market and many large saloons have tremendous response there. We have attached few images of the Citroen CXperience Concept so that you can get an idea of future saloon.

2016 Citroen CXperience Concept2016 Citroen CXperience Concept

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