Citroën DS E Tense spotted for the first time in Paris

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The Citroën DS E Tense concept was truly an amazing sport coupe concept. It was showcased during the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. But there was indication in Geneva that the electric vehicle was anything more than a mere display with a futuristic design. But a recent video has shown the Citroën DS E Tense concept being driven in Paris. This concept has got an electric motor with the capacity of producing 402 hp and 381 lb ft of torque. According to DS, the E-Tense concept can rocket from 0 to 62 miles per hour in 4.5 seconds. On the European combined cycle it has got a range of 192 miles.

Citroën DS E Tense Citroën DS E Tense

The video shows Citroën DS E Tense cruising through the traffic in the streets of Paris. There is a cool techno beat in this clip and this one justly fits the futuristic design of the electric vehicle. Well it is worth mentioning that the DS E Tense has got an amazing design that truly looks futuristic. But this might not be one that would go for production. A production version of this Citroën DS E Tense concept would require some significant styling changes.

Citroën DS E Tense Citroën DS E Tense

There is a complete lack of rear visibility in the DS E Tense. This could cause issues in everyday life. However, only Japan has given an approval to the camera based rearview mirrors of the Citroën DS E Tense. However, it remains to be seen what surprises await us in the near future. If the production version of this concept is launched then several EV enthusiast will definitely be super excited about the fact.

Citroën DS E Tense Citroën DS E Tense

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