Citroën C3R5 will debut as “Zero” car in French Rally Championship

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Citroën C3R5

Heard about the all-new Citroën C3R5? It’s going to be the latest sensation in the rally car category. Citroën C3R5 can be termed as the expertise result of the French automakers. Besides, it is also expected that this latest rally car will win one or two rally races for sure. However, the French automaker’s expertise rally car had more additional features to attract our attention.  The first image of the Citroën C3R5 had surfaced up. It is the demoted customer version of the Chevron marque’s car that race in the World Rally Championship.Citroën C3R5

Although reports say that the Citroën C3R5 will show up at the Rallye du Var by end of this month. Rallye du Var is considered to be a portion of the French Rally Championship. However, the car is still in its development phase but it is expected to be steered by Yoann Bonato. As per records, this season, Bonato had gained four wins. Although nothing much about the Citroën C3R5 has yet been settled up but it is expected to surface as the “zero” car. Moreover, it is expected to be used for clearing the tracks for its competitors. However, the surprise is yet to come. The look of the Citroën C3R5 resembles a hot hatch without dressing up in a race uniform. Although it is expected the car may be lacking some updating at the bodywork and the extreme aero elements.

However, it is common to come up with the question of considering a WRC version over the Citroën C3R5. The reason has been very simple the Citroën C3R5 cars are in the finish line of their production than the top-tier counterparts. Although with a little flavoring, it is expected to give tough completion to its rivals like the Renault Clio RS, Toyota Yaris GRMN, Volkswagen Polo GTI and Ford Fiesta ST. However, the question is that whether the French carmakers are seeing all the ways with the Citroën C3R5. Are they ready to race the Citroën C3R5 on the road? For getting all the correct answer one has to wait.

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