Chevrolet is slated to open a delivery center in Daytona

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Chevrolet teamed up with Daytona International Speedway announces plans to build special delivery centers. The new delivery center of Chevrolet is located in infield that is adjacent to Gatorade Victory Lane. This will resemble traditional dealership. It will allow buyers to have an opportunity to accept delivery of the car on track. The final details are still under process, but Chevrolet announces something great in the meantime. It says that buyers who would participate in the program will enjoy a day tour of Daytona International Speedway.

The buyers will enjoy driving their new cars on track and will also get a certificate of authenticity. This certificate shall confirm that the car was delivered and driven over there. This program will be an extra cost package. This will be offered to the buyers during the time of ordering process of the car. During the other half of this year or sometime later, dealers will start accepting reservations. However, this Daytona package will only be available on select cars and not all. Chevrolet did not say the names of the car that will be eligible for the program.

But it seems that the models may include Corvette and Camaro. But there’s no possibility for Suburban and Spark it seems. Chevrolet is always there to offer its buyers with bets ownership experience ever. These are certain unique experiences only Chevy can do, says Alan Batey (GM North America President). This is going to great when the buyers shall experience the greatness of driving the first miles at the very famous Daytona International Speedway. So for all the Chevy fans this can just be good news to them. Each of the Chevy cars has always created wonders and this time it is likely to remain the same. With such a great package Chevy will surely impress lots and lots of buyers in near future.

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