Chery releases new sketches of their upcoming compact SUV

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2018 Chery Compact SUV 1

Chinese based Chery is travelling all the way from Wuhu to Germany for upcoming 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show to showcase their new compact SUV. Even though it will be in pre-production form, it will get a global status as it will be sold around the world and people are going to see its design. Chery want to expand their global presence by introducing suits of new vehicles. There is no name of this compact SUV as of yet, but it incorporates company’s new design “Life in Motion” philosophy.

2018 Chery Compact SUV

They have released the sketches of the new SUV and judging by them, it looks that it will have sharp chrome horizontal bar on the front. Chrome trim can be also found on the bumper along with side skirts, and window surrounds. Other interesting features that came out of the design are full LED headlights, and slim taillights that is complemented by chrome strips. The compact SUV by Chery looks quite muscular as it is wide and has got large wheels. Executive Vice President of R&D Center Shanghai of Chery, Ray Bierzynski said that it is just the beginning of their approach towards European sales.

2018 Chery Compact SUV2018 Chery Compact SUV

He also said that the cars will launched within few years and all of them will possess characteristic styling and user oriented technology along with advanced safety features and electric powertrains. Chery cars will arrive in Europe and other places in coming years. They are also planning to setup a design and R&D center in Europe. It will accelerate their plan for global expansion. We will have to wait for few more weeks to see how the compact SUV looks like.

2018 Chery Compact SUV2018 Chery Compact SUV

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