• Four years ago at Paris Auto Show, Audi TT Sportback Concept was unveiled and idea about the four-door version has been churning around for quite some time. Unfortunately, the plan never came to fruition for several reasons. The reason behind the decision was the fact that customer demand was poor, but the major reason was …   Read More

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  • Lamborghini is seriously considering a limited-series model which will have an extreme focus over aerodynamics. It will rival against the likes of Aston Martin Valkyrie and McLaren Senna. Stephan Domenicali, company’s CEO expressed his interest in an interview to Autocar. He further claimed that the vehicle will be in same vein as the highly appreciated …   Read More

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  • Reviews of the new Toyota Supra are now out and everyone absolutely loves it. Now, it is reported that another variant of Toyota Supra is in the making. Speaking to TopGear, Gazoo Racing chief and father of the new Toyota Supra, Tetsuya Tada said that stripped-out, track-focused variant is already in their plan. It will …   Read More

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  • When Bugatti Divo was launched it was considered as best hypercar based on Chiron. However, latest report suggests that it is going to change and thankfully for better. Automobile Magazine reports that France based high performance automaker is already on working on three other models which is based on Chiron. In essence, it would be …   Read More

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  • Rumors are going round that Ferrari 812 Superfast could get at least three variants and one of them is making its debut quite soon. On 13th of September, there is a new model to be showcased by Ferrari. Several users of Ferrari Chat forum that constitutes of owners of Ferraris claimed that they have inside …   Read More

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  • For the past few months, there are reports that suggest regarding a successor to the highly appreciated Aventador. Several speculations suggest that there is a good probability that it would be coming as hybrid powertrain. Members of McLarenLife even stated that it will be previewed as limited production hypercar. Internal name of the Lamborghini Aventador …   Read More

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  • Jaguar worked on a successor to the XJ220 in the form of C-X75, but it didn’t saw the light and never went into production. Nonetheless, Jaguar hasn’t given up on idea regarding high-performance sports car. It is reported that British based luxury multinational carmaker is working on radical replacement for the F-Type. Auto Express further …   Read More

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  • BMW recently launched new 8-Series which will rival the likes of Porsche 911 and Mercedes S-Class. To expand the range into more premium market, BMW might come with range-topping 9-Series family. Adrian van Hooydonk, BMW design director gave a hint while speaking to Autocar said that 9-Series four-door coupe. BMW 9-Series will be rivalling Mercedes-Maybach …   Read More

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  • The world is eagerly waiting for the new Aston Martin Valkyrie. Its badge is 30 percent thinner than human air, so it is not just another car but an ultra-lightweight vehicle. It was reported last year that Aston Martin Valkyrie might have an output of 1,130hp. Inadvertently, Cosworth confirmed the same on their Twitter handler …   Read More

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  • It is not a secret that work is going on Alfa Romeo 8C. However, news report suggests that it would be a hybrid powertrain. The performance of hybrid supercar will be rivalling the best from Ferraris. We already knew that Alfa Romeo 8C would be returning and it was confirmed by their late CEO Sergio …   Read More

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