• There has been a lot of speculation about a range topping and high performance version of new Audi Q5. Now we can finally confirm that it is really happening. Dubbed as Audi RS Q5, it will be slotted between RS Q3 and RS Q8. It will rival against the Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 and Porsche Macan …   Read More

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  • Even though BMW X5 is two years away from full revelation, one fan decided to come up with a rendered version. There are some sources who claim that it might be introduced in the year 2018. This wait for the new 2019 BMW X5 makes it unbearable. Till now, we have only seen camouflaged X5 …   Read More

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  • Many people argue that Maserati hasn’t come with a sports car in many years after MC12. The production of MC12 ended in 2005. We got to see the Maserati Alfieri at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, but it is not any closer to the production. Maserati GranTurismo has been with for more than 10 with …   Read More

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  • BMW 6 Series GT will come with some interesting features. However, we can just imagine about the car’s look. And all the credit goes to the artist who offered it. Moreover, there is even an unlikely fact. The fact is that BMW will not make M-version of this new BMW 6-Series GT.  BMW 6 Series …   Read More

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  • The all-new 2018 Lexus LC has already started arrived at United States shores from last month. But according to new report, it may soon be joined by Lexus LC Convertible. LC assistant chief engineer Takashi Watanabe said to Drive magazine that GA-L platform might be used as underpin for the Lexus LC Convertible. He was …   Read More

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  • Everybody is waiting for the next M series from BMW. Yes you got it right, we are talking about BMW M8. There has been various spy photos takes, but the camouflage haven’t been taken off yet. But even if the model hasn’t been revealed, people can’t stop wondering how it might look. To make things even …   Read More

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  • After the successful debut of the Volkswagen Arteon, the German car manufacturer is all busy to give it a massive launch in Europe. However, according to company’s insider they are already seriously discussing about the estate version of Volkswagen Arteon. Elmar Licharz who is Head of Product Line for Volkswagen said in interview to Autocar that …   Read More

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  • We all know that future generation cars are going to look way better than today’s cars. But the improvement won’t be just for the styling but features will be way better than today. Peugeot the French car maker is always thinking about futuristic models. And they have decided to show a glimpse of Peugeot PASSIO Concept design …   Read More

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  • Well as we know that the modern market of SUV is quite promising and automaker companies are looking to manufacture more models towards it. So, for this process, companies like Opel Dropped their famous cars like the Opel Tigra. But what if they make their minds to resurrect the Tigra and restyle it as per the …   Read More

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  • There was no doubt in anyone’s mind about convertible version of BMW 8 Series. However, 6 Series continued the trend of manufacturing Grand Coupe and Convertible after shedding Coupe. Now the million dollar question is whether 8 Series will take the rightful place to replace the 6 Series with respect to Convertible. X-Tomi Design came …   Read More

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