• The latest 2018 Nissan Leaf is not the most beautiful EV. The IDS concept was revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show 2015. It may be a symbol of some good and new things to come. May be this is why the attached render is based on the zero emission Nissan concept. It has a sharper …   Read More

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  • Porsche 911 GT3 RS spotted with 4.2 liter engine. It looks like the refreshed version will be more than a facelift. It is giving the Generation 2 991 GT3 RS bigger engine with more power. Porsche’s current GT3 RS have a flat six cylinder 4.0 liter. According to the reports, facelifted 991.2 generation Porsche 911 …   Read More

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  • The classic 1965 Ford Mustang Coupe now has 1,000 HP. It took 10,000 hours to transform it to the retro beast with new the Fastback body. So it took over a year to complete this project. It is built by the California based Timeless Kustoms. The Timeless Kustoms team succeeded to give what they want …   Read More

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  • Since 1977 Brabus has been modifying the Mercedes models. It established its headquarters in Germany, Bottrop. The Mercedes E-Class W213 is the latest model that gets an aftermarket treatment. Now it is available with a vast array of goodies. If you are not satisfied with the standard version of the midsize posh sedan then you …   Read More

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  • The R1 Motorsports team has created a special BMW M5 that features a special livery. The car is dressed in military green and it looks really interesting. Generally we don’t like elegant and stylish cars to be dressed like this. This wrapped German performance model in Military Green foil is not something you see every …   Read More

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  • Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe will come with a new set of virtual Widebody treatment. It may be very difficult to compare the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe from S-Class Coupe and C-Class Coupe siblings. But without any doubt it very attractive. According to the reports, Mercedes-Benz is working on a number of AMG badged variants. It includes a …   Read More

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  • Audi is a German automobile manufacturer. It designs, produces, distributes, markets and engineers luxury cars. Its headquarters is in Germany, Bavaria, and Ingolstadt. The branded vehicles of Audi are produced in 9 productions facilities worldwide. The logo of Audi of four rings represents one of four car companies. If Audi associated with Apple to make …   Read More

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  • M&D Exclusive Cardesign, the German tuner is giving the owners of Audi S7 and A7 a chance. They can bring its sport sedans to the performance sedans of latest RS7. It may be even surpassed it. This updated body kit will make the four door coupe look muscular. The M&D will start its specific conversion …   Read More

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  • Suzuki Swift is now the subject of a rendering. Nowadays, it is not a new thing. It happens with almost all the new cars. The majority of people go for a hot version. In this one, rather than imagining it as Renault Clio RS rival or Opel Corsa OPC, the X-Tomi gave a glimpse of …   Read More

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  • The British luxury car manufacturer, Aston Martin is getting ready to make a brand new chapter in its history.  It will also create a new chapter in the history of motoring. The aim of the firm is to lead the way in performance and also to compete with the most exclusive brands. Earlier this year …   Read More

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