Bugatti Veyron is not cheap to own as it has astronomical maintenance cost

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For many of us, changing oil is an expensive proposition and several owners will vouch for that. However, you would be stunned to find out cost for Bugatti Veyron. Without giving you heart attack, buyers would have to shell out a whopping $25,000 to change fuel. For this amount to change the fuel, buyers would be able to get brand new Honda Civic rather than maintaining previous generation hypercar. This news about this expensive maintenance cost was disclosed by Manny Khoshbin, who is a real estate mogul and avid car collector.

He has a dream garage and complemented by shiny white floors that houses some of the world’s best modern-day exotic car money can buy. Interestingly, he is the proud owner two Veyrons that includes a Mansory tuned version along with a Roadster. You can find out all about the vehicle in the attached video. He will be taking delivery of a special Bugatti Chiron very soon. Italian automaker recommends changing tires every 2 to 3 years which will add another $38,000 as per Manny Khoshbin.

Rims are recommended to be changed after every 10,000 miles, so that’s another $50,000 and the maintenance cost for few visits amount to an astronomical $100,000. If everything is working smoothly then the cost will remain stagnant, but if things goes wrong, it could mount to additional expenses. Buyers who don’t break sweat to spend couple of million on a vehicle won’t be worried about fuel consumption. For now, be prepared to be shocked about maintenance cost of Bugatti Veyron.

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