Bugatti Chiron Sold more than 250 Units Till Today

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Bugatti Chiron

Bugatti is not just a name but it is actually a brand that people say when they refer to a supercar. This company has gained its fame with models like Veyron. You might wonder that people have seen it all and they might not want to get themselves the latest Bugatti Chiron, well that’s not true as per the stats. Now as per the data shows Bugatti Chiron has already been booked for more than 250 units. Now there are only 500 models of Chiron, as the company has decided to only produce this much. Out of these 500, 250 has already been booked, which means only half of the overall models are left.

Bugatti Chiron

This 16 cylinder beast known as Bugatti Chiron made its official debut last year at Geneva and since then it has really made a long way. The Chiron showcased at this image was ordered by one of the clients who wanted this in Blue. Carbon fibre work can also be spotted at the model. This customer is indeed a lucky one as only 3 customers are going to get the Bugatti Chiron delivered now. Others will have to wait for sometime to get their hands on this model.

Bugatti Chiron

This Bugatti Chiron in blue tinted paint will be handed over to customer after it has been displayed at Geneva. As per the company reports, 37% of the orders for Bugatti Chiron came from Europe, where as North America were just behind them at 30%. Apart from these two Middle East was also among the top contenders with 26% orders. So, for the rest of the world only 7% is remaining. So, if you are living in other locations and planning to buy this model, then you should hurry before they stop taking orders.

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