Bugatti Chiron creates 0-249mph world record

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Bugatti Chiron

It has been more than a year when we got to see Bugatti Chiron for the first time. Now this super beast is in record breaking mode with the help of Juan Pablo Montoya. In the attached video, you are going to see supercar took just 32.6 seconds to hit the speed of 249mph. With his help, the Bugatti Chiron managed to set a record of road legal production car. From stagnant position to 249mph and back again to 0mph, the entire process took 41.96 seconds. The Columbian race car driver had earlier managed to create personal record by reaching 261mph.

Bugatti ChironBugatti Chiron

Juan Pablo Montoya managed to cross 225mph for more than 17 times and for that he used Top Speed Key which helps the supercar to cross the barrier of 236mph. Juan didn’t use any safety accessories while attempting this record as he felt that the car gave a sense of security and reliability. For Bugatti it is the first step towards achieving new world speed record for production vehicle which will be held in 2018. The test was supervised and officially approved by SGS-TUV Saar. They are leader in inspection, testing, verification, and certification.

Bugatti ChironBugatti Chiron

We might see Formula 1 winner to be behind the wheel of Bugatti Chiron when it attempts another record. The Bugatti Chiron will be showcased at this week’s Frankfurt Motor Show. Their company president made a revelation that out of 500 units, 300 units are already sold. To reiterate, Bugatti Chiron is powered with 8.0 liter W16 engine with 1500hp of output and 1600Nm of torque. Stay tuned to watch the entire clip.

Bugatti ChironBugatti Chiron

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