Bugatti Chiron arrives with new glass roof option revealed

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Bugatti is busy in the development process of new Divo and looking to break the top speed record barrier for production cars. Nonetheless, they have revealed newest option for Chiron which is glass roof. It is dubbed as “Sky View” and comprises of two fixed panels that is situated above drivers and passengers head. It is 25.6 inches long and 17.3 inches wide. With the new glass roof in Bugatti Chiron, headroom gets an additional 1.06 inches. Fortunately, it is tinted that offers extra privacy and also prevents any dazzling effects and filters out UVB and UVA radiation.

Bugatti Chiron with glass roof

New glass roof also works as noise cancellation device without affecting the overall stiffness and crash safety of this superb hypercar. Bugatti said that “Sky View” as an option will be available with immediate effect. However, the pricing details of this option have not been disclosed. If a customer is able afford to shell out millions of dollars for this hypercar then they won’t mind shelling out extra bucks to enjoy the sky from the confinement of the cockpit.

Bugatti Chiron with glass roof Bugatti Chiron with glass roof

An example of Bugatti Chiron with new glass roof can be seen in California at the Monterey Car Week by the end of August. We hope that by then Bugatti will disclose everything about the new Divo. An extreme version of Bugatti Chiron is also offered but only 40 units are available. It will be twice as expensive as the standard hypercar. For now, just enjoy the attached images of this new option on Bugatti Chiron.

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