BMW X7 Pickup revealed as one-off luxurious powerhouse

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BMW X7 Pickup

What you are seeing is not a rendering version from BMW, but is an actual pickup truck. BMW X7 has been turned into a pickup from the most luxurious member of their crossover family. We must point out that it is for show purpose as it has been created for the occasion of company’s Motorrad Days. It was presented alongside many motorcycles from BMW. BMW X7 Pickup is based on a prototype, the study had vocational trainees working behind the scene. Then they collaborated with BMW plant’s Concept Vehicle Construction and Model Technology divisions.

BMW X7 PickupBMW X7 PickupBMW X7 PickupBMW X7 Pickup

This project took 10 months to complete. Hence, work on it started began one month before the X7 was first revealed to the world last October. When compared with SUV, X7 Pickup is 4 inches longer and length of the bed varies from 1.4 to 2.0 meters, closed and open, respectively. Moreover, BMW have incorporated CFRP on selected components like the roof, rear doors, and rear lid. All these helps in saving 200 kg of weight from the X7 SUV. BMW X7 Pickup has retained luxury ambience and has seating arrangement of five passengers. It will be put to good use as the trainees is planning to take it for spin after the premiere.

BMW X7 PickupBMW X7 PickupBMW X7 PickupBMW X7 PickupBMW X7 Pickup

In order to showcase practicality of the BMW X7 Pickup German luxury automaker has loaded it up with F 850 GS bike. Upon closer inspection, we would notice that wheels touch handcrafted tweakwood the bed is fitted with. To complete the look of BMW X7 Pickup, it wears Tanzanite Blue metallic color that is inspired by yachting sports and signed by BMW Individual.

BMW X7 PickupBMW X7 PickupBMW X7 PickupBMW X7 Pickup

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