BMW X2 patent images reveals how prototype might look like

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BMW X2 Patent Image

We are already familiar that the upcoming BMW X2 won’t be with flashy features that were present in the concept version. Now we got our hands on the patent images which were registered with Japanese bureau on 22nd February. The images were published recently and it gives us a glimpse what a production ready version. The tweaks on the BMW X2 were expected and the images here confirmed that. It won’t have slender mirrors as was shown at Paris Auto Show. The front bumper is less aggressive and follows the footsteps of offered BMW’s crossover.

BMW X2 Patent ImageBMW X2 Patent Image

The image shows that it has conventional door handles and it shunned away cannon like exhaust tips. Headlights would remain angular but not as sharp as we saw in the concept. The taillights appear to be bigger and are square shaped. The production ready BMW X2 is a toned down version of the concept of what we saw at 2016 Paris Auto Show. Adrian van Hooydonk who is the senior VP of BMW said that this car encompasses enjoyment and practicality. It will also please flashy crossover fans.

BMW X2 Patent ImageBMW X2 Patent Image

The difference between the concept and the production version is subtle and one has to look closely to spot the difference. Nonetheless, it must be said that the concept stays true to the production version. The sportier version of X1 will go on sale by 2018. The good news is that Frankfurt Auto Show is just two months away and we are going to have a first look at the BMW X2. Apart from BMW X2, we might also see the X7 as production guise at this marque event.

BMW X2 Patent ImageBMW X2 Patent Image

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