BMW will retain its bigger V12 engine till 2023 thanks to upsurge demand

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Many manufacturers might be ditching the bigger V12 due to its disadvantage (inefficient), but it seems that BMW has other plans for it. Few people thought that days of BMW 7-Series models are numbered, but its not true. Apparently, BMW is keeping alive V12-engined 7-Series engine alive for at least for next four years. This news was revealed by Michael Bayer, head of powertrain of current model in an interview to Top Gear. During the launch of redesigned 7-Series, he said that they are keeping V12 unit for atleast until 2023.


It may be the final swansong for the V12 engine, but Bayer said that they might make twin-turbo 6.0-liter engine. It will comply with next round of emission standards after 2023, but he said that it would be extremely difficult. German automaker’s commitment towards V12 engine may sound a lost cause, but we must take in consideration sales figure and huge demand of the range-topping M760Li. Customers based in Middle East and China plays a huge part in it. BMW was surprised by the number of orders placed by customers for the range-topping version. The 6.0-liter engine comes with huge tax penalties in China.


Chinese buyers who can afford to buy 7-Series model is more than willing to pay supercar price for M760Li and are not content with lesser variant. This has led to maximum capacity building of these engines. However, M760Li won’t be the most power BMW in the range. It is due to addition of particulate filters necessary according to latest emissions rule. The engine now offers 577hp and instead of 602hp.


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