BMW promises exciting surprises for the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show

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BMW i8 Roadster

On the company’s second quarter conference call, BMW Chairman Harald Krüger declared that they have something very exciting for the September’s Frankfurt Motor Show. Even though he didn’t elaborate what is the surprise, but he remarked about iNext and electro-mobility. The model will be built at BMW’s Dingolfing plant in Germany. It strongly suggests that the model might be hybrid vehicle or an electric vehicle. Unfortunately, nothing is official about any of these speculations. If BMW announces eco-friendly vehicle then it would in direct competition to the Tesla Mole 3.

In the month of June, there were reports which suggested that BMW would be using Frankfurt Motor Show to introduce the new 3-Series. This 3-Series will be powered with an electric powertrain. The reports also disclosed that the range of the vehicle would be around 248 miles. It even eclipses the entry-level Model 3. Tesla Model 3 has the range of 220 miles on a single charge. Other the other hand, there is also a possibility that Krüger might be mentioning about another model such as the X7 Concept or performance-oriented i3 S.

BMW X7 Concept is speculated to have a fuel cell powertrain. This is not the first time when BMW have implemented the Hydrogen based 7-Seris model between 2005 and 2007. In recent memory, we got to see hydrogen powered i8 and 5-Series GT prototype. Apart from the mystery model, Krüger announced that the new i8 Roadster is already reserved by many customers. He even predicted that X3 electric vehicle would be a huge hit when it arrives in the market in 2020.

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