BMW M6 with its Sakhir Orange paint is sure to grab your attention

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BMW M6 has the ability to grab the attention of the audience with its Sakhir Orange paint. The car has some very good speed as well. You can actually guess the speed to be somewhere between the Leon and the German super-coupe. The most appealing feature of the car is its black monstrous wheels which stand out against the orange body. It is though quite sad that the performance coupe is on the way out.  It is expected that the M6 will be replaced by the BMW M8 in the near future. The new M8 is going to be prepared with the 8 series and will be with added track ability and dynamic sharpness that are generous extra portions.BMW M6 BMW M6 BMW-M6-Sakhir-Orange-3

It is expected that the M8 will be adopting the running gear of the new M5. It is going to be packed with a horsepower of 600 and V8 along with developing different version of BMW’s xDrive driving system that is an all-wheel and rear-wheel drive mode only.  This car is expected to be absolutely gorgeous owing to the exterior as well as the stunning interiors.  Jens Marquardt, the Director Motorsport of BMW said that the GTE development program of BMW M8 for full swing comeback of the Le Mans. The way that BMW M6 stands out is in the way it looks mainly. The color applied on its exterior is fresh and very eye-catching.BMW M6 BMW M6 BMW M6

BMW M6 has been fitted with a set of HRE S107 wheels along with Satin Black spokes and glossy black interior. The driver has opted for blue brake calipers alongside the wheels which turned out to nicely offset against the orange paint.  If you take a closer look at the other features, you would see that there is carbon fiber front splitter, a carbon rear diffuser and carbon side skirts. Also, there is a small lip spoiler on the lid of the trunk.BMW M6 BMW M6 BMW M6

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