BMW M5 gets carbon fiber components thanks to G-Power

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The new BMW M5 is now lighter thanks to visit at German based G-Power. The super sedan is lighter because of usage of carbon fiber parts. Nonetheless, the most noticeable aspect of the tuning work can be found on the bonnet. It has been developed in CAD by the tuning company and claims to “ensure a powerful Venturi effect while driving”. In simpler terms, it means that it has been designed to help in cooling off the engine bay when required which indirectly improves the performance of the sedan.

BMW M5 F90 G-Power

Apart from the new hood, BMW M5 also receives host of carbon fiber upgrades. It can be spotted on custom kidney grille and rear spoiler lip. There is also 21-inch forged wheel with double-spoke design and instead of BMW logo, G-Power badge has been installed. The tuning company said that first five orders would get carbon fiber hood, no top speed limiter and an engine software upgrade. The complete cost of this package is €7,495. If the same parts are ordered individually, it would cost more. Hence, the total saving is around €800.

BMW M5 F90 G-Power BMW M5 F90 G-Power

Tuned BMW M5 also uses twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 engine that offers 690hp (700 PS/515 kW) and which is an increment of 99hp (100 PS/74 kW). If buyers are still not content with 690hp, then they could opt for Ultimate performance upgrade. It lifts the output to an impressive 789hp (800 PS/ 589 kW). Buyers would have to shell out around €20,000 for ECU tune, modified turbochargers, downpipes with sport catalysts and stainless-steel exhaust system. The price doesn’t include cost of installation.

BMW M5 F90 G-Power BMW M5 F90 G-Power

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