BMW M3 astonishes in Atlantis Blue color

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BMW M3 next-generation vehicle is on its way to hit the production line. However, this doesn’t imply that the car currently available is outdated and out-of-fashion. Hence, with a little alteration and adding the correct specification, the existing car can stand upright with the next-generation BMW M3. However, reports suggest that the next generation BMW M3 will be available in 2.3 inches (6 cm) longer than the previous models. The interior of the next generation car will also come up with certain modifications and also experience reduces in the cabin’s button number. Hence, it will also feature a cluster of higher variants of the digital instrument and most recent iDrive infotainment system.BMW M3 BMW M3 BMW M3

However, that does not mean neglecting the existing BMW M3. Adding correct proportion can make the existing turn into a jaw-dropping variant too. Like this BMW F80 M3 which was turned into a stunning car. One of the Bimmer Post’s members is the owner of the car. He thought of giving a transformation to his car. Thus, he chose to go for an excellent paint job. This particular BMW M3 is being painted in Atlantis Blue paint. However, this is not the first time that we are viewing a BMW M3 in Atlantis Blue color. Hence it appears rocking in the M4 GTS bonnet as well as the M-Performance exhaust.BMW M3 BMW M3

Talking about this particular BMW M3, the Atlantis Blue paint appears to sparkle from every angle of the car. However, the paintjob highlights the dynamic body lines of the BMW M3. Moreover, it also features carbon fiber accents in 3D Design, gloomy K3 V3 coilover suspension, and tinted windows. However, the owner doesn’t stop with that much only. He fitted the HRE wheels set in the BMW M3. Hence the wheelset is well fitted in the Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires.BMW M3 BMW M3 BMW M3

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