BMW M slated to go hybrid in future

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The BMW M sector thinks that the hybrid cars are going to be an inevitable thing for the future. So this made them follow the path of making their BMW M car a hybrid one quite soon. The Vice President for engineering of BMW M says that the future of high performance cars is going to be hybrid. The technology will be used to lower CO2 emissions and this shall also ensure that the cars are more responsive and faster. If this happens then the cars will be seen in an all new hybrid specs and features.

The vice president also said that they will look at electrification of the cars. He thinks that is inevitable but it will depend on the factor of increasing the performance. He spoke to Auto Express about it at the Detroit Auto Show, early in the month of January. He also added that the BMW M fans are not fond of an all electric car. They do not show any interest to drive without a combustion engine. They look for an answer whether the charges paid will be helping with performance or not.

So it is likely that there are less chances of seeing a BMW M with fully electric specs. This is not going to happen at least in near future. The division is going to wait for the suitable time for integrating hybrid systems into sports car. However the future shall decide what is kept in store for the BMW M cars. But all electric spec for this car seems to be not happening soon in near future.

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