BMW iNext Electric crossover set to get unique polygonal steering wheels

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BMW iNext Electric crossover polygonal steering wheel

BMW previewed cabin of iNext cabin by showcasing a massive driver-oriented curved display. A new interior detail of the BMW iNext Electric have surfaced which is with regard to all-new steering wheel and represents a huge change from the previous design. BMW iNext Electric crossover has an unusual polygonal shape that has been weighed after considering several factors. Geometry of the steering wheel is perfect for switching between automated and active driving. With the integration of optical fibers in side sections, it sends color signals to drivers notifying when they would have to take control over. Post doing so, they will recognize steering angle much easier based on the position of steering wheel.

BMW iNext Electric crossover polygonal steering wheel

Moreover, flattened lower parts helps drivers avoid fatigues over course of long journeys and giving them extra legroom. Unique contours of the steering wheel which is optimized by motor racing optimizes entry and seating comfort. It also offers a better view of the instrument cluster which is part of wide curved display teased by the automaker earlier. Thankfully, this tech feature is customizable that consist of tech control and non-reflective glass that dominates inside. BMW iNext Electric Crossover is described as “new technology flagship” and it will enter production by 2021.

BMW iNext Electric Crossover is expect to be very quick and said to accelerate to 62mph from 0 in just around 4.0 seconds. It will be able to travel over 373 miles between charges. This would be huge relief for those customers who are conscious about the range of electric vehicle. BMW iNext also marks major step into autonomous driving. It gets level 3 self-driving tech that needs human presence ready to intercede at all times when necessary. In future, it will be used for testing Level 4 and Level 5 that doesn’t require human driver to travel between two destinations.

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