Is BMW i3S good enough to become World’s First Electric Hot Hatch?

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BMW will soon launch the i3S and it is all set to become world’s first electric hatch. Nonetheless, according to many experts it needs to gain few more power to really earn that title. BMW i3S is the faster version of the i3 range. It comes with an electric motor that gives out 181 horsepower and 199lb-ft of torque. The base version of it gives 168hp and 184lb-ft of torque. It takes 6.9 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 62mph whereas the top speed is 99 mph.

BMW i3S has 33kWh battery that gives it a range of 186 miles between charges. The number is based on NEDC cycle and realistically the range would be around 125 miles under real road condition. The German carmaker is also offering two-cylinder range-extender petrol engine to enhance the figure. The chassis has been tuned to make the most out of BMW i3S. BMW have also added sports suspension that decreases the ride height by 10mm. To increase the grip, tracks have been made wider by 40mm. The dimension of the wheels is 20 inch and is wider by 20mm.

The instant electric hatch makes the hatchback go quicker and it also benefits from the focused chassis tuning along with low center of gravity. Now the question remains is the fact that BMW i3S is competent and enthralling enough for prospective buyers. It needs to have few added advantage over the internal combustion engine powered vehicles to make it more tempting. Watch the complete video by Carfection to understand the true significance of this electric hot hatchback.

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