BMW anticipated EVs will constitute of 15-25% sales by 2025

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BMW Vision Dynamics Concept

BMW has committed to electrification process and is evident by the quantity of vehicle they are planning to introduce in the market. German automaker has already disclosed that they will introduce more than 20 EVs and plug-in hybrid by the year 2025. They have even more eco-friendly vehicles on their radar, but are unsure how much popular it will be with customers. One of the board members of the production said in an interview to Car and Driver said that they are assuming that by the year 2025, 15 to 25 percent of the car will have electric powertrain.

BMW Future EVsBMW Future EVs

The figure might be unrealistic, but they are betting on fifth-generation architecture. However, the board member admitted the fact the number is a wild guess and realistically, the number could be less than 10 or even more than 40 percent. They are other companies which are developing bespoke platforms for electric vehicles, but BMW is going into different direction. This is why they are developing 5th Generation platform which will be used with conventional, hybrid and electric powertrains. The architecture they are developing will have only two versions and will be closely related.

Both of the versions will be all-wheel drive system and one will front-wheel drive and second will be rear-wheel drive. All the future models will ride on such platform that will have battery pack underneath the floor. However, it is expected BMW wont utilize the space as conventional powertrain will remain popular way into the future. Futuristic BMW models will be taller to accommodate additional battery space. The first model with fifth-generation architecture will arrive in 2021. Models will be using 60kWh, 90kWh and 120kWh battery packs. 120kWh battery pack will have a range of 435 miles.

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