BMW 740Li with Unique South African Interior Design

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BMW 740Li

BMW 740Li can now be bought with its special interior design. The one- time designer of BMW art car Esther Mahlangu gave the design to this new car. This South African artist in 1991 collaborated with BMW. She gave bright colors as well as geometric shapes to a 525i. However this special sedan will not be on auction very soon. BMW Individual avowed to have her work on one model of the company. In United Kingdom her personalized 740i is at present on silent auction. There is a charity called The Art Room which helps emotional or behavioral problem children by using the art therapy.

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BMW 740Li’s interior is given the graceful designs by Mashlangu. Previously her brilliant stylish designs were given on the exterior of 525i. However the pattern of design is same in both. She gives simple geometric patterns like triangles and squares combining with vibrant colors. After this some hard or difficult patterns are formed by mixing and matching these things. The 740Li model looks outstanding with her designs. The exterior of this sedan is colored with BMW Individual Pure Metal Silver. Merino Leather of Smoke White color is given at the inner part. The interior trim of wood just explodes with her brilliant design and style. The car’s most colorful matter is only Mashlangu’s beautiful style.

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BMW 740Li is kept involuntarily similar to an example in a stock. The car actually emphasizes more the art of Mashlangu. It has a 3.0 six turbocharged cylinders. This creates 322 horsepower and torque of 332 pound – feet. The engine of the car has an automatic eight speed gearbox. It can cover 62 miles in each hour within 5.6 seconds. BMW 740Li’s silent auction is going on. This unique car will premiere from 5th October to 9th at Frieze Art Fair.

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