Batman gets a stylish Mercedes in the new Justice League movie

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Batman is all set to get new Batmobile for the Justice League series. Mercedes-Benz have already announced that they will be collaboration with Justice League series and they will be providing cars for the superheros. Batman would be getting his hand on the new Mercedes-Benz Gran Turismo 6 AMG Vision Concept. This car comprise of proper interior along with racing seats and virtual dashboard section tweaked for production purpose. The real car which was used for the production had to be enlarged by 110% so that Ben Affleck could fit inside.

Mercedes-Benz Justice League BatmanMercedes-Benz Justice League Batman

Chief Design Officer of Daimler, Gordon Wagener said that to create emphatic fantasy, they took inspiration from the movies. However, things have changed and the film industry was inspired by them. Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo thus became car for the superhero. It is designed with extreme proportion, sensual contours and intelligently realized to create a breath-taking car and a perfect drive for Batman. When this concept was unveiled it was thought with a complete aluminum body that will be mounted with V8 twin turbocharged gasoline engine. The setup would deliver 577hp and 590 lb-ft of torque, but it would definitely change for Batman vehicle.

Mercedes-Benz Justice League BatmanMercedes-Benz Justice League Batman

There are other Mercedes-Benz vehicles which will be found in the movie and that include E-Class Convertible. This specific car would be driven by Diana Prince who is famously known as Wonder Woman. There is also Mercedes-Benz G-Class 4×4 Squared, but its role on the movie is surrounded by mystery. Justice League will be arriving in movie theater this November 17th and its final trailer will be showcased this weekend. The German car maker also released special “Making Of” video that shows off the interior of the AMG Vision Gran Turismo. We have attached the video for you to look at.

Mercedes-Benz Justice League BatmanMercedes-Benz Justice League Batman

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