BAC Mono R single-seater supercar debuts at Goodwood FOS

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BAC Mono R

BAC, the company behind Mono has revealed all-new iteration of the single-seater supercar at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Dubbed as BAC Mono R, it is more powerful, lighter and more advanced new generation of Mono. If we put this into figure, it is 35hp more powerful and 25kg lighter than the standard Mono. It has amazing power-to-weight ratio of 612 hp-per-tonne with help from 340hp and 555kg. Moreover, the naturally aspirated 2.5-liter engine which has been co-developed with Mountune claims to have highest normally aspirated specific output of all time for any road-legal model, at 136 hp per liter.

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Surfaces of the BAC Mono R has been designed from scratch and 44 bespoke carbon parts has been restyled to offer a more aggressive, organic and futuristic stance. Few design highlights include a new shark nose front, centrally mounted LED headlights, a Formula-inspired ram-air inlet system, and more slender and organic upper body design for enhanced aerodynamics. Few tweaks are performed on front arches, wider side pods to make it more efficient and there is also larger and more aero-efficient rear spoiler. Technical surfaces are lower down for BAC Mono R and thus, supercar is 0.78 inches lower and 0.98 inches longer than standard Mono.

BAC Mono RBAC Mono RBAC Mono RBAC Mono RBAC Mono RBAC Mono RBAC Mono R

Exterior changes on BAC Mono R includes new LED lights, twin-strut wing mirrors, rear crash box, and a narrower tail with new LED combination fog and reverse lights. Cockpit of Mono R consist of race-inspired lighter steering wheel and optional carbon interior side panels. Massive weight reduction is made possible with help of usage of graphene-enhanced carbon fiber in every body panel, magnesium chassis and transmission components, new carbon-ceramic brakes, a new titanium exhaust system, lighter AP Racing brake calipers, and an all-new carbon floor. To improve balance and lower center of gravity, fuel tank is positioned lower and battery has been repositioned at the center of the car. All these makes BAC Mono R offer impressive performance figure and is evident by its acceleration that takes just 2.5 seconds to hit 0-60mph. Top speed of Mono R is 170 mph. Entire production is limited to 30 units worldwide and price at £190,950.

BAC Mono RBAC Mono RBAC Mono RBAC Mono RBAC Mono RBAC Mono RBAC Mono R

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