Automobili Turismo e Sport or ATS introduces GT with fanfare

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Automobili Turismo e Sport is not an unknown company as it was founded in the year 1962. Even though the idea was introduced in Torino it has retained the Italian style of four wheel drive. Daniele Maritan and Emanuele Bomboi wanted to incorporate the Italian idea to designing automobiles. However, after all the changes ATS has managed to retain its Italian glory with the new GT. ATS GT comprises of biturbo V8 engine that is capable of offering exception performance figure. Its neo-classic body along with along with modern technology makes it a formidable vehicle.


ATS GT is not only beautiful in the inside but also on the outside. There is more to GT as the company has other ideas on their table which will be developed in midterm and short term. Emanuele Bomboi dreamed the car to be a sculpture and the engineers and designers managed to deliver it. ATS 2500 GTS is evident on the front spoiler which has blue Dragon of Bologna logo. It is reminiscent of 1963 car that was showcase at Paris Motor Show. There are two stripes that runs along the bonnet two lateral air intakes with full LED lighting which is just above them. Three intelligent suspensions are provided with it which are Viaggio, Sport, and Corsa (Tour, Sport, Race) respectively. The same applies for engine map selector too. There are three driving modes available with ATS GT which are Viaggio, Sport and Corsa or Tour, Sport and Race. Each and every one of them acts on the suspension of the setup, gearshift speed and on the engine’s power output.


The output of the engine is 650 bhp and 700 bhp with optional upgrade. The standard torque it produces is 678 Nm but that can be increased 700 Nm with optional upgrade. The top speed of ATS GT is 206mph and it can accelerate to 60 mph in under 3 seconds. The engine is mated with 7 speed automatic ATS transmission and the brakes come with carbo-ceramic discs, with latest ABS system. The weight of car stands at just 1,300 kg which also helps the acceleration.


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