• Tesla has become more valuable now than General Motors. It surpassed Ford in terms of market value nearly a week before. Tesla’s value has taken a greater leap yesterday. Its value reached about $50.9 billion. This is nearly $1 million more than that of General Motors. Moreover, the shares of Tesla even reached a high …   Read More

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  • As per the official announcements, everyone knows about the latest 2019 Tesla Roadster. The car is all set to dethrone the Model S from its top position as the fastest long-lasting Tesla ever. Elon Musk is the CEO and co-founder of Tesla. The South-African born Canadian-American business baron is also the CEO, founder and CTO of …   Read More

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  • There is no doubt that Tesla Model X is not cheap and rightly so as it is a power beast. However, when it comes to luxury, Bentley is the first name that comes to mind. Nonetheless, one can dream of Tesla Model X with Bentley Red interior. This dream was made true by T Sportline. …   Read More

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  • Elon Musk dreamt of insurance discounts for Tesla owners who would use autonomous driving. Thankfully, it seems that his wish has been granted and now coming true. An insurance company by the name of Root Insurance, based in Ohio announced that Tesla customers will be getting discount on their premium if and only if they …   Read More

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  • Tesla has recently upgraded its facility at Fremont Factory. Today they announced that they will start the pilot production of its entry level Model 3.  The date of the commencement is confirmed on 20th February. They have already informed the suppliers about this move. It is still not known how many models will be made …   Read More

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  • According to Reuter’s reports, Tesla settled out of court with 126 Norwegian owners of electric cars.  They claimed that the performance of the car did not match with what was promised in the firm’s marketing. The court case was planned to start on Monday. But before that Tesla decided to settle out of court. Tesla …   Read More

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  • Tesla is voluntarily recalling around 7,000 adapters for electric car charging after two reports of overheating. It resulted in melted plastic on the plugs. The electric automaker made this decision as two customers said that plastic on the chargers has melted while in use. The recalled connectors are not only the one of three standard …   Read More

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  • The electric carmaker Tesla gets permission to build a dealership in Virginia. It fought for more than three years in a legal battle. At first the electric automaker was not allowed to sell its cars directly in Virginia in early 2013. Tesla tried to change this situation. But it was denied the dealership license for …   Read More

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  • Elon Musk has answered all the questions about the semi autonomous Autopilot update. Looks like you don’t have to wait for long. The CEO of Tesla said that it is coming in just three weeks. Tesla has started to deliver cars that are outfitted with the new Tesla Autopilot hardware. These vehicles are delivered without …   Read More

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  • Adam Jones, the Morgan Stanley analyst has assigned to cover Tesla. Once he was described as the Tesla Cheerleader by the New York Times. He predicts that the deliveries of Tesla Model 3 will not start until the end of 2018. It may also take more than 1 year than Musk expects its first deliveries …   Read More

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