• Pininfarina PF0 recently gone through private unveiling for interested customers at the Pebble Beach. Now, the Italian design house has released a single image of its rear end. Just like previous teasers, Pininfarina PF0 has unique shape and looks quite bold. It will help the supercar to compete against the current and future supercars. Talking …   Read More

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  • Pininfarina is renowned all over the world as a design house and a coachbuilder. After its acquisition by Mahindra Group, they have received fresh lease of life. If things go according to plan, they might turn into a full-fledged luxury electric vehicle automaker. This news was announced by their Chief Paulo Pininfarina during a special …   Read More

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  • Last week, we showcased a silhouette of the new Pininfarina HK GT. Finally, it has touched down in Geneva in its full strength. It is their fourth such car designed specifically for Hybrid Kinetic. Pininfarina HK GT is a true beauty in every sense and it comprises of long, sculpted bonnet, and a slightly curved …   Read More

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  • At the Geneva Motor Show, we got to see Pininfarina H600 for first time and it quite stunning. New reports suggest that it is going to production soon. It will be available in US by the end of this decade. This news was disclosed by Hong Kong based Hybrid Kinetic which is a Chinese based …   Read More

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  • Pininfarina intends to compete with the current high hp hypercars by launching its own vehicle. We have seen the H2 Speed Concept debut at Geneva Motor Show this year. That will be the vehicle Pininfarina plans to launch. The car will be entering into production in few years’ time. The H2 powered Pininfarina race car …   Read More

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  • Pininfarina has organized a workshop to show off concepts. These are envisioned by the Europe’s best design students. Though none of the concepts will ever reach production. Still, it is interesting to see that how the new generation’s students are envisioning future cars. Pininfarina is Italy’s most reputable design house. They organized a workshop towards …   Read More

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  • 76.06 percent controlling stake of Pininfarina has been acquired by Tech Mahindra Limited and Mahindra & Mahindra. So it is quite likely that the financial issues of Pininfarina will be over. This means the design house can focus back on projects. An electric sports car is apparently the design house’s top priority now. This detail …   Read More

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  • Pininfarina has launched a new teaser image of its new concept. It is all set to premiere at the Geneva Motor Show 2016 next month. Pininfarina said that it will be exclusive and innovative concept car. It will be a tribute to Life Senator Sergio Pininfarina the Honorary Chairman of Pininfarina Group. He passed away …   Read More

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  • Before the end of the year the deal in between both Mahindra and Pininfarina will be finalized. These two companies Mahindra-Pininfarina are in communication with each other to finalize the deadline and also busy in finalizing some issue with some of creditors bank to start their deal in a happy mode and with good capital …   Read More

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