• Opel has unveiled Corsa-e Rally and will make its debut at next month’s Frankfurt Motor Show. As the name suggest, it is based on new Corsa-e. Opel Corsa-e Rally Car will participate in the 2020 ADAC Opel e-Rally Cup as a replacement for the existing Adam R2. Opel Corsa-e Rally features an electric motor that …   Read More

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  • Opel decides to launch an all-new SUV, which will get slotted at Opel’s ‘X’ family group. That is just above the recent X Grandland. As per the last year announcement, this super featured car is expected to hit the Russelsheim’s assembly lines and surely before the end of this decade. This all-new ‘X’ family is …   Read More

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  • At the concluded Frankfurt Motor Show, we got our eyes on the new Opel Insignia GSi. Now, we have confirmed news that it is available for order in balloon and estate versions for many European markets. The price of Opel Insignia GSi Grand Sport kicks off from €45,595 (tax included) in Germany. On the other …   Read More

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  • Earlier this year, Opel revealed the Crossland X and now the company will be offering the car in LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) powertrain. The price of Opel Crossland X starts from €21,200 and is dubbed as Edition model. For Innovation version, the price starts from €22,400. The pricing is meant for German market and they …   Read More

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  • Not many people were happy with the low power in the Opel Insignia GSi, but still it is quite powerful. If one brands 252 horsepower and 400 Nm of torque to be decent then so be it. The power comes from 2.0 liter turbocharged petrol engine. With this decent performance statistics, it managed to outdo …   Read More

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  • Not many auto manufacturers are eager to introduce diesel engine in European market. Apart from Volkswagen there are many who got embroiled in the controversy as reports suggest that few of them cheated on it. However, this hasn’t deterred Opel from introducing diesel powered Insignia GSi Sports Tourer. The all-new Opel Insignia GSi Sports Tourer …   Read More

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  • Well as we know that the modern market of SUV is quite promising and automaker companies are looking to manufacture more models towards it. So, for this process, companies like Opel Dropped their famous cars like the Opel Tigra. But what if they make their minds to resurrect the Tigra and restyle it as per the …   Read More

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  • Even though PSA Group hasn’t yet official purchase Opel from General Motors, but it seems that it is a done deal. Carlos Tavares who is Chairman of the managing board of the Peugeot has already had a plan for Opel. Yesterday he spoke to various media outlets and said that they would be cutting cost …   Read More

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  • Crossovers are making inroads into the Wagon section in US market. However, estate versions are still thriving in many other markets which have forced General motors to look into it. Opel Insignia Sports Tourer is a model to counter the huge demand. The Opel Insignia Sports Tourer is based on the recently unveiled Insignia Grand …   Read More

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  • Opel revealed its second member of the X range, the Crossland X. It replaces the Meriva and joins the Mokka X. The new crossover will be positioned in the European B segment. Opel Crossland X will be launched later this year competing with Renault Captur and Peugeot 2008. It will be exclusively offered with FWD. …   Read More

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