• Lexus is known to make some of the best models in the industry. They have been quite successful with their cars. Recently, at New York Auto Show, they revealed LS concept that really attracted the visitors. But like most automaker companies, they have not given a performance upgrade to their most selling sedans. Well, this …   Read More

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  • Toyota luxury vehicle division Lexus has entered into the fastest growing economy on the world. In its official debut, Lexus introduced two hybrid and one diesel models. The three mentioned models are RX450H hybrid SUV, LX 450d and ES 300H hybrid Sedan respectively. During the brand’s introductory event, they even previewed the most sought out …   Read More

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  • Lexus NX is already a beautiful car, there are only few people who need to see it a facelift version of it. However, Lexus doesn’t think so and they unveiled at refreshed version of it at Shanghai Auto Show. Tweaks on 2018 Lexus NX aren’t that major, but they will certainly give the SUV good …   Read More

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  • Lexus LFA is the kind of car that everyone remembers. There are not so many models produced by Toyota. Later, they discontinued it and that makes it really rare. Even though only 500 models were made, a resale model pops up in the market. Most of the Lexus LFA cars came in colors like White, Orange …   Read More

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  • There is no shame in admitting your shortcomings. Lexus is one of them and they recently admitted that they don’t have the allure of German brands such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW or Audi. This statement was made by the new Chief Branding Officer of Toyota, Tokuo Fukuichi. In an interview to Automotive news, he plans to …   Read More

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  • We know that Lexus LS 500 made its official debut at Geneva this month. But this is the first time they are making their official debut at North America. During the 2017 Vancouver Auto Show, 2018 Lexus LS 500h made its official North American debut. They have built this model on the brand new ultra grid …   Read More

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  • Lexus announced that the much awaited facelift variant of 2018 NX crossover to make its debut at Shanghai Auto Show. The current Lexus NX made its debut three years back at Beijing Auto Show and was company’s first entry into the luxury compact crossover segment. Even though the old Lexus NX is stylish and looks …   Read More

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  • Even though the popular Lexus LC 500 has just hit the market, but it seems that Japanese car maker isn’t going to marinate its success for too long. It seems that the curtains of the Lexus LC F will be lifting off at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show. This news was revealed by Car and …   Read More

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  • 2017 Lexus LC F is definitely one of the most awaited models this year. But a recent application for the trademark has really spoiled the surprise. Earlier, it was a suspense that if Lexus is planning for hybrid powertrain or not. But the thing is that they might still surprise those who are expecting a …   Read More

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  • When we are talking about supercars and sports car, then there is one name that can always be on the top. Yes, we are talking about Lexus LFA. This model is indeed one of the best and it attracts lots of designers from around the globe to experiment with the looks. But the basic problem is …   Read More

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