• The name Kia Stinger is synonymous to luxury sport sedan and it premiered at Detroit Auto Show. The Korean carmaker has got youthful and enigmatic appearance. The automaker confirmed that Stinger won’t be coming with Kia emblem for Korean market. Korean publishing house Pulse, informed that Stinger will have its own badge sans Kia. Kia …   Read More

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  • Even though Kia Stinger was showcased at the Detroit Auto Show, but it seems the testing phase is still on-going. The development team along with Kia Stinger was sent to North Sweden. It was done to perform for testing the handling of front and rear-wheel drive configuration. Electronic aid’s characteristics will also be tested there. …   Read More

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  • We all know that automakers are concentrating a lot on making Hybrid and pure electric vehicles. Companies like Audi, BMW and Mercedes have already started making hybrid cars to offer the customers a wide variety of models to choose from. Walking on the same road, Kia is also planning to launch variants of the same …   Read More

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  • Kia will come up with hydrogen fuel cell car model. The company is planning to launch it in 2021 looking forward to the future of propulsion. This is completely a different concept. Maximum automakers are now manufacturing car models incorporating new technology. They have and yet planning to produce electric, ICE and hybrid cars. But …   Read More

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  • The new Kia Stinger sports sedan revealed at the Detroit Auto Show 2017. The car can receive an all electric variant competing with the Tesla Model 3. The consumers’ reaction to Tesla Model 3 has been wild. The model is sold as the first affordable mass market Tesla. Spencer Cho is the head of overseas …   Read More

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  • Kia released the images of 2018 Kia Picanto ahead of its debut in March at the Geneva Motor Show. It is designed by teams in Frankfurt, Germany and Namyang, South Korea. The new Picanto has 15 mm longer wheelbase. Now it spans 2,400 millimeter and pushes the wheels into each corner. It is combined with …   Read More

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  • The 2018 Kia GT final teaser for the production ready is revealed. Though the name is not confirmed. In the previous videos you have seen the hood vents. But in this new video revealed that it will have side vents. It is not so much surprising as the 2011 GT concept also had the same. …   Read More

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  • Kia revealed the first images of the all new Picanto city car. It is the smallest car in the portfolio. The company is now getting prepared to host another important premiere. It was just a few months ago that Kia revealed the next generation Rio supermini. The 2017 Kia Picanto is all set to make …   Read More

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  • Kia revealed a new teaser video of the upcoming Kia GT Sports Sedan. It shows a performance oriented four door ahead of revealing at the Detroit Auto Show. The previous teaser trailer showed Kia’s new sporting saloon at the Nurburgring. The Korean automaker is counting down till the new car reveals in January at the …   Read More

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  • Kia’s long rumored is recently spotted. It is a rear wheel drive sports sedan car. An image of it has surfaced online. The image shows the Korean version of the Kia RWD Sports Sedan. It is dubbed as K8. It doesn’t have any camouflage and fresh off the production line, apparently in pre-production guise. It …   Read More

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