• Sometimes the auto industry can be funny too. Late last week Chevrolet has announced some details of Colorado midsize pickup 2017 model year. It is a new V6 and 8 speed automatic transmissions highlighted the changes. It is not allowed to again publish that same update for the 2017 GMC Canyon, Colorado’s pickup twin. Starting …   Read More

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  • Mary Barra, the CEO of General Motors suggest that the company should launch the autonomous driving technology that will ease its push. The General Motors was expected to introduce the semi autonomous Super Cruise system in 2017on the Cadillac CT6. But Barra said that they are not putting any particular date on it. Mary Barra’s …   Read More

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  • GM or General Motors is all set become the pioneer automaker from the Ivy League for moving their base from UK to Europe. This operations shift is a result of the surprising results of the country’s exit from the European Union. Among the conglomerate’s portfolio of brands, Opel is presently producing the latest Astra in …   Read More

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  • Two of the biggest rivals and icons of the automotive world Camaro and Mustang are about to share the same transmission from next year. However, the cars will have different control setups. It is to be noted Ford and GM have worked together on such projects earlier as well. But the Camaro and Mustang coming …   Read More

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  • The auto industry has played a crucial role for the American economy. 1.55 million people were directly employed by several suppliers and automakers. Added to it, there are several other people who have been employed in the related sectors. These include several part stores and repair shops. There are several buyers who want to support …   Read More

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  • General Motors wants the rights to one of its famous Corvette monikers.  In the 1990s ZR1 spelled top performance for Chevy Corvette. In 2009 the name returned to denote the Vette. Looks like again Chevy is bringing it back. GM has filed a trademark application for the ZR1 term on 16th May with Trademark Office …   Read More

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  • General Motors has planned something else for Cadillac ELR. As per the latest reports, they have stopped the production of Cadillac ELR and they are speeding up the Chevy Bolt production. They say that there are not enough demand for ELR and production is taking longer time. So, they have changed their schedule and started …   Read More

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  • NHTSA also known as National Highway traffic safety administration has extended its recall for General Motors. This is basically a watch over the company and how they are campaigning their safety related things. In 2014, GM delayed to replace the ignition switch so NHSTA interfered and brought GM to settle the matter. Now the company …   Read More

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  • General Motors introduced Chevy Volt plug in hybrid in the year 2010. It was tagged as a money losing and overprice experience by many. Last October, General Motors surprised industry watchers. GM announced that the Chevy Bolt EV will be arriving later this year. It shall have a battery cell price of 40% at least …   Read More

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  • The Wall Street Journal has reported something interesting in the recent days. It has been stated that General Motors and Lyft will start testing self driving Chevy Bolts in a year. The paper reports that the companies will regulate a pilot program in a city, the name of which has not been disclosed. There are …   Read More

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